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Situated in the beautiful Dorset countryside


Specialising in unique and intimate wedding celebrations, and now with a Civil Wedding Licence, we proudly offer the True Lovers Knot as a venue for your special day.  We cater for all other events however large or small, whether you are wanting a buffet, barbeque or a sit-down meal, please contact us to discuss your requirements. We can arrange every aspect of your day from the catering, preparing special menus, to the accommodation, decorations and music.

We have a large purpose-built barbeque area and a hog roast, both ideal for private parties or corporate events. We are more than happy to prepare any menu to suit your requirements. Click here for a sample barbeque menu.

If you would like any more information on having a function at the True Lovers Knot or if you would like to make a booking please contact Chris or Chloe on 01258 452209 or e-mail us at mail@trueloversknot.co.uk.


Enjoy Walking? Click on the map below for walks surrounding the True Lovers Knot.  There are stunning views to be seen all around the Tarrant Valley, and from the walks around us you’ll see some of the best views there are.

True Lovers Knot Local Area


There are many different versions of how the True Lovers Knot got its unusual and unique name, but the one that gains the most consensus with locals is the tail of a tragic love affair.

The True Lover’s Knot came into existence to serve people who had stopped at the toll gate that was located on the road next to where the pub is today. Here the landlord’s son met and fell instantly in love with the local lord’s daughter as she accompanied her father to collect the toll money’s. They then began a secret relationship in fear of the reaction of the lord if he found his daughter with a commoner!

Unfortunately the lord’s stableman spotted the two love birds together, when visiting the blacksmiths shop which was next door to the pub, and promptly told his master. Full of rage he forbade his daughter to see him again and planned to have her packed off to relations far away. Overcome by grief, she hung herself from a tree on his estate. The boyfriend consumed by the loss of his girlfriend also hung himself from the same tree, realising he didn’t want to live if he could not be with her.

The tragic footnote to all this is that having already lost his wife in childbirth the landlord could not carry on without his son and in a fit of depression he hung himself from the same tree as the tragic youngsters. So the locals soon referred to the inn as the True Lover’s Knot because a true lover’s knot has 3 loops (to depict the 3 people who died) ,and when tied correctly it has a heart in the middle.

As a tragic and spooky ending to the tale, the pub is said to be haunted by the landlord to this day. Certainly unusual things do indeed happen and who knows you may see or hear him still.